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Blockchain Transaction Process Cost Reduction

Blockchain solutions from EdenLit can be used to drive down processing costs. If designed and implemented correctly, it can speed up processing time, reduce error rates, join up fractured processes and improve cost to income ratios from core processes.

Blockchain Business Expansion

With Blockchain solutions from EdenLit, it is possible to greatly expand the network of businesses within your network of potential partners, suppliers and customers with Blockchain. This expansion is a question of building trust and security, which Blockchain is excellent at enabling. 

Blockchain Supply Chain Efficiency

Supply chain is a particularly difficult challenge for improving efficiency. With multiple partners and their different processes, systems and cultures, standardising them to bring reliability and consistency of supply is often very problematic. Blockchain solutions from EdenLit can plug these gaps and resolve these issues to ensure smoother operation and lower costs.

EdenLit offers a range of key value propositions using Blockchain, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.


These offer solutions built with world leading thought, products and technologies that EdenLit sources for each client's unique requirements.

Completely objectively and independently.

Internet of Things Customer Experience Sales Expansion

IoT can get everywhere and anywhere. IoT solutions from EdenLit can enable organisations to present their sales propositions to potential customers at any point where potential customers most need them. When potential customers are most ready to buy, EdenLit can help you make the most of that opportunity.


Internet of Things Customer Service Enhancement


Enhancing customers' experience and service is a make or break issue for most companies. EdenLit IoT solutions enable companies to cater for the increasing demands of customers for better and better service interactions.So whether its for faster and more complete customer profile driven data or situation sensor inputs, enhancing service by being integral to the customer's situation.    

Internet of Things Asset Management


In order to maximise a company's return on assets (ROA), it is often better to have a greater real-time tracking of the condition of that asset in order to preserve or enhance its value and utilisation. EdenLit's IoT Solutions not only monitor the real-time condition and use of assets but can also combine with Artificial Intelligence to provide a predictive capability of the assets' future care needs.

Artificial Intelligence Consulting Support Solutions

As AI become increasingly sophisticated, it is developing a greater ability to offer support to human employees. EdenLit AI Solutions can deliver a better informed and faster service, geared wholly to the customer's unique needs. It cannot be used to replace human consultation but can augment the level and precision of that service through analysing relevant data and situations.