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Our approach is wholly flexible. We tailor our service to your needs, time frames and budgets. If you need a whole team onsite, we can be there. If your budget is more constrained, we can organise a minimal presence. We can charge for days spent onsite but we really prefer to charge on a schedule of deliverables, agreed beforehand.


That way you know what you are going to get in advance and are guaranteed to pay only for what you receive and approve. No nasty surprises. Only satisfaction from highly cost effective and high value, quality of work delivered. This is our guarantee to you. 

Unique and innovative nature of Edenlit's distributed operation reduces cost to the client and increases competitiveness of service

  • Positive ROI within 1 year

  • Deliverables Guarantee

  • Distributed Team able to converge diverse skills, methods and perspectives globally toaddress specific client needs in a particular location

  • Local and personal client liaison through our global team

  • Investment funding generation enabled through improved Budgetary  Management

  • Agile Governance

Our core technologies are Blockchain, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Each of these has untold possibilities for organisations. When combined, the potential is almost incalculable. Only a whole new way of thinking about the possibilities will do justice to the value they can add. Anything less is ultimately a lost opportunity.


We understand the relationships between these technologies and how best they can and indeed, must be combined for organisations to realise their full potential. 

Blockchain is a shared digital ledger, or a continually updated list of all transactions, which creates immutable records. This decentralized ledger keeps a record of each transaction that occurs across a fully distributed or peer-to-peer network, either public or private. It is this distributed ledger that enables peer-to-peer transactions that are secure and scalable.


Blockchain consultancy is about being able to apply this radical technology to a broad spectrum of uses across an organisation. Our Blockchain consultancy is interlinked with our sustainability practice and is supported by customer user experience, supply chain and process redesign. This ensures a successful outcome for all stakeholders. 




We can offer solutions based on Bitcoin digital currency that are secure, virtually instantaneous and with lower transaction fees. Transactions are conducted peer to peer across the globe without the need of an intermediary. Users can choose whether they wish to have transparency with their finances or a total privacy protocol that does not require identification, unless required for compliance reasons.



With this open source platform we can offer a wide range of solutions based on Blockchain technology that need secure and immutable records such as legal contracts, cloud storage, voting, to name just a few. The decentralized aspect makes it incredibly difficult for fraud or censorship. Ethereum’s smart contracts aim to provide greater security than traditional contracts and bring down the associated costs. Blockchain provides a decentralized way to verify and enforce them.

EdenLit and Blockchain


We are currently working on exciting new business models that incorporate the Blockchain to effect fundamental change in business, the public sector and non-profit organizations. It has the potential to help enable the entire world population to participate and benefit from digital development and so help themselves, as they too, more fully participate in the worldwide level of productive economic activity. 

The Internet of Things is the physical Internet, the real world Internet. It seeks to connect and control objects remotely across existing network infrastructure. IoT consultancy is more than the technology. It starts with rethinking organisational strategy in its ability to dramatically add value to all its stakeholders. It continues with changing the way the organisation's processes operate, how it obtains its supplies and how it serves people, be they customer or citizen. 



This simple technical concept is applied in ever more complex and ingenious ways to enable a multitude of uses.

The 3 main components which comprise that EdenLit IoT system are:

Cloud Technology


We can help you with accessing Cloud Technology for data storage, data combination and processing on the Internet.



We can advise on “self contained components” that can be holistically connected and controlled via remote systems and help with implementation.



We can create Gateways or device clusters (often known as the “edge”) to reach and access the Internet itself.


From there it can get much more complicated quite quickly. And we can help with that too.

Successful Artificial Intelligence consultancy enhances productivity. To do this we need to weave AI technology into organizational processes, staff aids, operating rules, metrics, data and so on, in order to get the maximum payoff. No easy task, but the productivity rewards are astounding.


Data analytics

Creating Digital Assistance

Advanced Image Recognition

Smart Housing Developments

Deep Learning

Self-Guiding Machinery

Healthcare and Hospital Support 

Teaching Aids

For Assisting Speach Impediments

Remote Robotic Assistance


Whether your business is large or small our specialist consultancy and implementation team will help you navigate the technology challenges to drive best practice use of smart technologies on or off-site.

Our expertise includes:


*  Smart Technology Strategy Analysis with Market, Customer and

   Competitive trends

*  Smart Tech Strategic Roadmap, Options Mapping & Portfolio



*  Smart Tech Organizational and Business - Target Operating


*  Business & Technical Solutions Architectures and Redesign  


*  Smart Tech System and Platform Requirements and Product /

    Vendor Selection 


*  Transformation Road map & Programme Planning and


*  Holistic Change Management

*  Turnkey Installation

*  Post Implementation Reporting & Follow up



* Agile Governance including Compliance and Risk with Corporate

   Governance (CR&G),
* Financial Management - certified for controlling budgets of £500

   million and delegated budgets of £100 million