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IoT/AI - Predictive Maintenance Project

Predictive Maintenance is a system implementation by which huge installations (mostly machinery and electrical systems) that frequently undergo a maintenance routine is optimized by predicting a maintenance schedule dynamically.

Our team planned on implementing a predictive maintenance AI for the freight management system at Sydney Airport. Freight management in part consists of several electrical 3 phase motors and docking systems. They are maintained frequently due to 24/7 operation and direct critical impact on airport operations.

Phase 1 of the implementation deals with Remote Monitoring. A set of parameters including voktage levels, current draw, temperature, humidity etc. are acquired and monitored continuously by relaying them to Microsoft Azure IoT hub. Analytics and monitoring is done use Azure modules. Hardware IoT implementations for this is done by integrating custom sensor module to Intel Edison/Samsung Artik modules. A web interface was also developed for remote update of the core system and displaying system parameters. Power BI is used for visualisations.

Phase 2 deals with Predictive AI using Azure IoT suite. The previously acquired parameters are passed on to an AI system and the output is used to predict a maintenance schedule based on how the system is being used. For e.g. how frequent fluctuations in voltage or current levels and abnormal temp/humidity might range and might call for immediate maintenance while normal conditions indicates a stretched out maintenance schedule.

IoT / Robotics - Bionic Hand & Exo-Skeleton

Exoskeleton (Yuva Mastermind runner up) project for paralysis patients incorporating robotics, 3D printing.

We are building a hardware/software system for Bionic Hand and Exo skeleton. This brings in the same change that Android brought to the mobile phone industry. The basic hardware and software platform is already built and ready so that anyone can build their own systems with it. They no longer have to start from scratch to implement their ideas. New features can be built and readily deployed via the market place available for the system. We'll have our own version of the system as well.

The cost reduction is mainly due to
1. How the community can build new features easily
2. System upgrades can be done over the air
3. Software is built to enable plug n play hardware mode so that developers can build their own hardware to build new versions of the system
4. Slip sensor - a new sensor was developed to detect slip and it costs under $10USD.
5. Necessary hardware modules were built to ensure lower cost and easy integration 

Blockchain - Digital Engine

EdenLit is creating a Blockchain based digital engine. It's purpose is to enable collaboration and transactions among trading partners to facilitate commerce  for a various economic, social and environmental purposes. The aim is to reduce the costs of such transaction as well as empowering greater expansion of organisation involved.

Reduce transaction costs

Accelerate processing cycle times

Facilitate easier expansion of trading interaction

Allow greater collaboration between all parties involved

Act collectively towards common goals