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Key benefits include:

  - High Regional Social Cohesion

  - Higher level of Regional Food Independence

  - Overall Poverty levels

  - Regional Economic Balance

  - Greater Protection of Regional Ecosystems

Key benefits include:


  - ​% Population with Smart Technology Access & Usage

  - Community Business Activity & Employment

  - Broadening Bespoke Smart Technology Educational Delivery

  - Strengthening Rural – City Communication and Cohesion

  - Observance of Seasonal Practices

  - Local Environment Pollution Levels

  - Access to Green spaces

  - Commuting Times

Our service are geared towards delivering multi-dimensional smart tech plans for 4 main client groups:

1. Businesses

2. Charities & NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations)

3. Local & Regional Authorities

4. Central Governments

All share a need to handle change from Smart Technologies. However, all have diverging goals that must be addressed by those with experience in such organisations. 


This where EdenLit comes in.





Disruptive technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence or Internet of Things are going to have a major impact on all businesses within the next decade.


As a business you have a choice.


You can choose to embrace new opportunities afforded by the new technologies and become leaders in your field.


You can differentiate your company by expanding through innovation with new and existing products or services.


You can make your operations more efficient by identifying areas of process and structural improvement.


You can create a culture of growth that attracts and retains the best talent, creating leaders for today and tomorrow. 


You can evolve your company culture to become a learning community that welcomes change rather than fearing it.

All you have to do is talk to EdenLit. Whether your company is small or large EdenLit can help

Key benefits include:

  - Raise Productivity and Effectiveness of CSR Budgets. 

  - Reduction in Enterprise Process Administration Costs

  - Extending Marketing Reach and Insight

  - Expanding New Product & Service Offerings

  - Generating New Revenue Streams

  - Customer Service Improvements

  - Improving Supply Chain Efficiency

  - Increasing Office Management Value-Added

  - Enhancing Staff Working Life Experience



Local and regional authorities face tough and complex pressures.


Whether you are supporting vulnerable people, creating more and better jobs, educating tomorrow’s talent or working to transform services, juggling priorities during a period of austerity is difficult. And rising costs, demographic changes and increasing demand for services makes it even more challenging.


That’s why you need to work SMARTER rather than harder


New technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things will enable you to do exactly that.


EdenLit’s expertise can help you reduce administrative and procurement costs making your budgets stretch further.


We can help you to create innovative solutions that will enable you to respond positively to increasing financial pressure and performance expectations.


We can work with you to help drive economic growth and public service reform.


We can help you do more for less in challenging times.


Talk to us, we are ready to help you.



Charities that can show themselves to be accountable and transparent are more likely to receive continued funding and support.


Whether you are fundraising or reporting progress to donors it’s important to be able to be able to show evidence of donation tracking and how the resource has effectively improved the human experience and delivered real change.


Emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence among others, can increase your transparency and make accountability an integral part of your operation.


EdenLit applications can enhance your donation tracking as far as end recipient offering the maximum transparency possible.


We can improve real-time multi-sensor field tracking to ensure that operations are efficient and effective.


We can enhance the set up of your community enterprise and organisation to get you up and running as quickly as possible.


We can reduce administrative costs and processing times and provide on-going monitoring of your total programme, which will make the best use of your limited resources.


All you have to do is talk to EdenLit.


Let us help you make more of a difference.

Key benefits include:

  - Boosting Quality of Life 

  - Combating Deforestation or Desertification

  - Protecting Endangered Species

  - Adult Educating

  - Reducing Overall Poverty



The pace of technology and innovation is accelerating in all areas - whether it’s in human biology, stem cell research, computer science, agriculture, transportation or energy to mention just a few.


Disruptive technology is here and organisations that do not embrace it will be left behind as our world becomes an increasingly connected and competitive global village.


Innovation enabled by new technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things are going to drive economic growth and help create economic powerhouses.


The new technologies enable government agencies to get closer to their public, streamlining services to become simpler, more effective, more efficient and more personal.


At EdenLit we can help you navigate the next wave of digital revolution wherever you work.


We can help you reduce administration and procurement costs across all departments.


We can help you reach the most challenging groups with highly targeted services.


We can help extend resource effectiveness to all areas of government.


We have the knowledge, experience and passion.

Come and talk to us.