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The EdenLit Team has very extensive UK and international experience in change management and a deep insight into the challenges of the dynamics that this creates not only at a technical and process level, but also most importantly for the people impacted by the change.


From the early days of the Internet we have gained the experience,  knowledge and  vision to  understand that digital collaboration  not  only enables real-time analytics and decision-making but can also deliver real-time transformation and positive progress.


Digital Collaboration and Transformation is embedded into our DNA.


But we can offer more than this.

Our Values

Our Social Enterprise ethos will help you create a holistic digital transformation that empowers a wider Corporate Social Responsibility.


Our Value Propositions also help you differentiate you and your CSR programmes in the market place, improve your competitive advantage, strengthen your reputation and increase productivity through engaging and retaining high quality staff.


We offer you our experience to help make your organisation become more productive, more efficient, more effective and admired.


And we can do this in a click.


Talk to us about it.

Innovation driving increased economic prosperity and a higher and better standard of living for all.


EdenLit know that Smart Technologies will drive fundamental change in our cities, our rural environments and across nations, creating a truly integrated globe.


The opportunities to build greater economic, social and environmental transformations are within our reach and greater than ever before.


At EdenLit we understand that effective change needs to be coordinated, orchestrated and holistic

Everything is interconnected. We understand this. Our approach reflects this.

We create a sequence of changes that steadily gather momentum leaving a positive experience that takes people with us.


We make the complex appear simple. It’s the only way to do it.


And it needs to have a Human Touch. That’s why we have a Social Mission.


1. Present and execute work of long term value to the client as well as of short term gains.


2. To demonstrate impartiality and declare any conflicts of interest at the earliest opportunity through transparent communication.


3. To ensure the client's interests are protected and promoted by the program.


4. Practice strictest confidentiality regarding client information during and indefinitely after engagement. 


5. Take steps to accomplish knowledge transfer to the client by way of making permanent records over face to face non recorded communication.


6. To take on work that is within our capabilities to accomplish within reasonable time and to a high degree.


7. To state and present any factor that may work to the detriment of the client or the program, even if the wide identification of the factor would reduce fees. 


Value Driven


There are already a number of firms playing in the Smart technologies space. For most, it is about the technology first and foremost.


As experienced professionals in the ICT space, we have seen how each wave of successive technology is all too often applied as if all that mattered was simply installing the technology itself with little else to do. Such technology led projects have fallen short of the intended objectives decade after decade. So we realised that the potential of Smart technology is simply too important to fall into the same trap. So Smart technologies should be driven by clear measures of business, customer and environmental value if they are to fulfil their huge promise and potential.

Holistic Organisation Architecture


Any sizeable organisation needs an architecture of its activities and rules of operation. Yet many ICT projects lack the end user architecture to be fully end user driven. All too often their architecture focuses on the technical, namely software, data and network infrastructure. Our approach whilst providing those is to ensure the most advanced and relevant business or civic  Services architectures possible.


Moreover, it is not just about individual technologies whose value driven architecture we define for organisations. It is the complete, holistic value-driven architecture that we design where all the new Smart technologies work as one and with people to form one Smart organism.

Fundamental & Sustainable


Whilst many youthful initiatives and applications can make a contribution. Say the latest app that allows you to play a game in the real world, our focus is on more fundamental, real-world value.  Those that have deeper attraction to a wider group of stakeholders, given their greater sustainable  value, human, economic and environmental.

Perpetual Curiousity 


We realize that however much we know, there is always more to learn. Yet the drive to learn comes from a certain freshness of spirit, an openness to the possibilities that leads to an ability to integrate the new. A youthfulness of mind that can combine learning with the spirit of play. This is nature's own formula and who are we to argue with it?

Lean & Agile


Although the Agile methodology is a welcome arrival within the world of ICT development, it is the case that the most efficient professionals have built in continuous adjustments to their approach to delivery for many years. Often a day by day adjustment or evolution to the approach. Of course with experience and skills, those adjustments become more finely tuned and less drastic.


At the same time, the approach is highly dynamic, built on a way of getting from A to B as quickly and as simply as possible. The most time, cost and resource efficient “critical path” is the bedrock of our approach.